Top Sports Venues in Indiana

The Crossroads State is best known for basketball, but contains great venues across a variety of sports. From Indianapolis Motor Speedway to Notre Dame Stadium, here are some of the best.



South Bend Cubs Attendance Continues to Grow

Graph showing the increase in South Bend Cubs home attendances since 2011


By Daniel O’Boyle


Home attendance for the South Bend Cubs, South Bend’s Class-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, has reached a record high for the third consecutive season. Attendances at Four Winds Field have increased for five consecutive years, driven partly by stadium expansion.

After stadium expansions for the 2015 season – bringing the capacity of Four Winds Field from 5,000 to just over 8,000 – helped the Cubs set a new attendance record in 2015 with 347,678, attendances have continued to rise, albeit at a slower pace. Tickets sales increased  to 350,803 for 2016, a 0.9% increase. The team also set a record for sellouts, as 40 of the team’s 69 home games sold out.

As well as the stadium expansion, the increase in attendance in recent years may have been influenced by the team’s change in ownership, name and affiliation. In November 2011, coming off an attendance of just 112,795, the Cubs were purchased by Andrew Berlin, the Chicago-based owner of Berlin packaging. At the time the team were known as South Bend Silver Hawks and affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks, but signed a 4-year player development agreement in 2014 with the Chicago Cubs.

South Bend made the Midwest League quarterfinals last year, where it was defeated in three games by the West Michigan Whitecaps. In August of 2016, Berlin announced that a new $21 million mixed-use development named Berlin Place will be built at Four Winds Field. It is set to be completed by March 2018.

The South Bend Cubs’ 2017 season begins at West Michigan on Thursday, April 6th. The first Cubs game at Four Winds Field will be Saturday, April 8th when the Cubs host the Whitecaps. Tickets go on sale March 8th at and the South Bend Cubs box office.


A Less-Mentioned Effect of the iPhone’s Success: Searches for Porn

Google Trends graph of searches for Porn, compared with searches for iPhones to show the release and growing popularity of the product
Google Trends graph of searches for Porn, compared with searches for iPhones to show how the release and growing popularity of the product has been mirrored by a boom in the pornographic industry

By Daniel O’Boyle

Apple’s iPhone has surely been the most iconic piece of technology of the last 10 years. Enough has been said about its huge sales and its influence on the smartphone market in general as well as allowing for serious changes in businesses such as taxis and music. Yet there are some other industries which were impacted heavily by the device, yet gained less attention.

One of those areas is the online pornography industry.

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Every Year, NFL Fans Discover That a Football Game Can End in a Tie


The Google Trends data on searches for “can you tie in football” and “can you tie in the NFL,” with the dates of tied games in the time period shown.

By Daniel O’Boyle

In 2008, the 1-8 Cincinnati Bengals traveled to Philadelphia to meet the 5-4 Eagles. Although the Eagles would make the NFC Championship Game that year, this wasn’t a game that seemed like it would be of serious importance.

The game isn’t famous for any playoff implications, however. Lacking a succinct name, it is perhaps best known as, “The game where Donovan McNabb learned ties exist,” after the Eagles quarterback admitted he thought a second overtime was coming.

McNabb isn’t alone. According to Google Trend, for every tied game in the last 10 years of the NFL, you can count on people Googling, “Can You Tie In Football?”

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