Indiana: The Midwest’s Tech Capital

An infographic detailing the growth and success of Indiana’s tech industry in recent years. Made using Venngage.

By Daniel O’Boyle

When asked to think of cities associated with technology, one usually thinks of the coasts. Areas like Silicon Valley in California and Charlotte, North Carolina are usually seen as the key locations behind the modern industries of the 21st century.

But in recent years, Indianapolis and the state of Indiana as a whole have become major players in the industry too. Just last month, Forbes placed Indianapolis fifth among cities creating the most tech jobs, while Governing Magazine commented on the city’s surprise success in the tech industry. Echoing a similar sentiment expressed in his State of the State address, Governor Eric Holcomb called on Hoosiers to embrace Indiana’s potential as a tech state in a recent letter to the Indianapolis Star.

This Infographic, created using Venngage, shows the success of Indiana — and Indianapolis in particular — as a key location for tech jobs.